Destination 4: Tarragona

More beaches, magic, and romance awaits in Tarragona.


Archaeology Museum in Tarragona, Spain

By Carme Ribes Moreno, Wikimedia Commons 

Tarragona’s ancient Roman history and modern, vital personalities mesh in unexpected ways to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Often called the “balcony of the mediterranean,” Tarragona offers a picturesque escape, thriving night life, beautiful beaches, beautifully-preserved Roman ruins, and a depth of history that’s almost tangible as you walk the narrow streets.

In Tarragona, cultural and archaeological tours are some of the biggest attractions, but walking tours of the countryside and beautiful beaches are also tempting ways to spend an afternoon. A massive Roman amphitheater, ancient plaza, and archaeological museum are fun for history buffs as well as those who love beautiful architecture.

The next day we set out toward Barcelona, stopping in Tarragona for a couple of days. The days are spent playing on the beach and hiking the beautiful countryside.

Two Weeks in Spain 

Tarragon is just a quick two-day stop on the way to Barcelona for the couple of Two Weeks in Spain. Here, Ronda and Vidal spend most of their time enjoying the sunshine and the water. At night they spend a few hours exploring the dancing opportunities at Tarragona’s many bustling nightclubs. Every club has its own style, music, and personality. Sampling all the different options feels like trying out different worlds for a night.

By the time Ronda and Vidal leave Tarragona for their final destination, they know each other better than ever–and they’re ready for all the adventures that Barcelona has in store.



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