Some Dreams Come With a Soundtrack

musical notes

Though stories don’t necessarily come with a soundtrack, Ronda’s journey breathes music. From the country music Ronda listens to in her home in Texas to the Latin pop that Vidal performs, the entire journey from Madrid to Barcelona (and beyond!) vibrates with notes from cultures thousands of miles apart.

Several of Thomas Rhett’s songs fit Ronda and Vidal’s story beautifully. “It Goes Like This” is sung from the point of view of a man who’s absolutely crazy about a woman he meets one night–so much so that he wants to write a song for her.

“Star of the Show” is all about that woman who steals the limelight everywhere she goes. Ronda finds herself in this spot a few times while spending time with Vidal.

“Die a Happy Man” perfectly encapsulates the contemporary country music style Ronda loves–and it’s an essential piece of her journey’s soundtrack.

The Zac Brown Band sings about freedom here. Ronda’s trip to Spain and whirlwind romance with Vidal brings her a type of freedom she never would have thought possible. This song is the perfect complement to that soaring freedom that she finds on the road in Spain.

Latin pop music plays a big part in Ronda’s adventure, too. Vidal’s style is much like Enrique Iglesias’s, and many of Enrique’s songs could be written into Ronda and Vidal’s romance totally seamlessly. “Finally Found You” might be the perfect match.

This classic takes on a Latin spin and also perfectly meshes with Ronda and Vidal’s journey.

“Hero” is another of Enrique’s chart-toppers, and it’s one of Ronda’s favorites, as well.

Make sure to pick up your copy (in print) or (Kindle) of Two Weeks in Spain today! Then kick back with a playlist of songs you love for the perfect feel-good evening.

*Disclaimer: Two Weeks in Spain is in no way endorsed by any of these artists. These are just some of my favorites–and songs that inspired some of the scenes in the book.


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