Two Weeks in Spain Sneak Peek

Ever dream of taking off to an exotic locale to escape your every day–and just see what happens when you get there? Here’s a sneak peek into Two Weeks in Spain, a romance fiction you won’t be able to put down. The book will be released in mid-November. Until then, check back here for updates and glimpses into Ronda’s world!

Finally! I hear the landing gear being lowered, and the pilot announces, “We are now descending into Madrid.” I’m terrified. I dig my fingers into the armrests. The plane shakes and bounces as the tires hit the tarmac. My mind is spinning at the thought of what might go wrong. The plane comes to a screeching halt and taxies toward the gate. I feel as if I’ve been holding my breath for the last eight hours. Flying has never been on my bucket list.

As if a four-hour flight from Texas to New York wasn’t enough, enduring a turbulent flight over the Atlantic has been almost more than I could bear. The realization that I have actually arrived safe and sound brings me to tears. I hope that the next couple of weeks in Spain are worth the fear of flying I’ve had to overcome—and the arguments I had with my mother just to be allowed to come.

If it hadn’t been for the two silly girls seated next to me, Kelsey from California and Tina from Minnesota, I surely would have gone crazy. These hilarious girls were definitely the comic relief I needed to keep my nerves from getting out of control. Also helping a lot were the meds the doctor gave me for the panic attacks I’ve been having for the last two years.

The entire flight the girls talked about Vidal Urbano, an up-and-coming Latin pop star who has just won a prestigious music award. They call themselves Vittlettes, his biggest fans, which is also the name of his US fan club. He and his older brother, JJ, are rumored to be visiting their family in Madrid, before traveling to Barcelona for the European Music Awards. The girls desperately want to get a glimpse of him—or better yet, meet him and his brother—if they can figure out a way.

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